The first book in our trilogy is now available

  • Learn about all the magical dangers of the Norwegian wilderness and how to prepare yourself against them!

  • Learn to recognize when you are dealing with Troll and how you may get away safely.

  • Educate yourself abot the creatures who dwell in rivers, lakes forests and mountains, their place in nature, the danger they pose to humans and the help they may sometimes provide in times of need.


This book is the first in a trilogy and is focused mainly on Troll. It is now available in all bookstores in Norway, and will soon also be available internationally. 

«Boken var mye mer spennende en jeg trodde. Den er veldig forseggjort, med historie og fakta. Jeg har lest mange bøker om troll, men må si at dette er en av de beste jeg har lest. Måten boken er laget på gjør den spennende og lese»

Sandra H.